January 22nd, 2009

Analog pass-through – A feature on DTV converter box that accepts both digital and analog signals where analog signal is pass-through unaltered to an analog television.  This feature allows analog television to receive analog signal while the unit is turned off.

CECB – Coupon eligible converter box

DTV – Digital television

DTV converter box – A set-top device that converts over-the-air digital signal into analog signal for analog television

EPG – Electronic program guide, this is a an on-screen display of scheduled television programs.  

NTIA – National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Smart antenna – A technology that automatically adjust reception pattern to receive optimal signal, which means manual antenna adjustment is no longer necessary. Both DTV converter box and antenna itself needs to support smart antenna technology in order to work. Smart antenna is usually more expensive than regular antenna. More detail can be found at Wikipedia.

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