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Sansonic FT-300A

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Consumer Reports ranks this converter as one of the top quality converter. Picture quality is excellent. User reviews on this product is generally positive.

Picture Quality:

Excellent picture quality that’s close to what you get from DVD.

Audio Quality:

Decent sound quality, definitely an improvement from analog signal.


This device provides current programming title and run time. Although it has a programming guide, it only provides current programming. It does not provide upcoming programmings.

Technical Specification:

Analog pass-through No
Smart antenna No
Closed captions No
Outputs RF output
Composite video
Resolutions 480i

User Manual & Set-up Instruction

Price (after $40 coupon):

$0.00 (Summit Source)
$8.99 (Meritline)
$15.99 for 2 (Meritline)
$12.99 with antenna (Meritline)
$19.99 with antenna (Meritline)
$24.99 for 2 with antennas (Meritline)

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